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SAWAKKA offers courses for those who want to improve their SUP skills, such as how to use the paddle in various ways and how to make turns, those who want to continue enjoying SUP, and those who are not comfortable doing it alone.


STEP UP LESSON participation flow


The instructor will provide counseling on what you would like to try on SUP.

STEP1. Counseling

After counseling, please apply for SUP SCHOOL at the store.

STEP2. Apply

You will be asked to decide on a date when you can actually attend the course.
For schedule changes, please contact us directly at least one day in advance.
*Please note that if tours overlap on the day of your reservation, they may be held at the same time.

STEP3. Deciding on the course date

All prices are listed including tax.

STEP UP LESSON 90 minutes x 3 times

16,500 yen

​1.5 hours

​1.5 hours

5,500 yen

5,500 yen

*STEP UP LESSON expires 3 months after reservation.





At SAWAKKA, we have instructors certified by the SUP Instructors Association of Japan (SIJ). We also conduct badge tests (certification) and instructor training sessions from time to time by A-level examiners from the certified school SAWARNA SUP SCHOOL.


What is a badge test?

This is a system that evaluates the results of daily practice by grade.
If you want to step up to the plate with the goal of acquiring SUP knowledge and improving your techniques, please give it a try.

Also, those who aim to become SUP instructors or those who want to enjoy SUP more safely will need to take the badge test before taking the Instactor course.

Badge test types

Menu by level

3rd grade (beginner)

You can operate the SUP as you wish under relatively calm conditions.

2nd grade (intermediate)

You can operate the SUP as you wish under relatively calm conditions.

1st grade (advanced)

You can operate the SUP as you wish under relatively calm conditions.

We will mainly judge based on 4 items: form, paddle work, speed control, and turn control.

Scoring items

Participants go around a course set by SIJ and are scored by a judge. Examination course courses and guidelinesSIJ websitePlease refer from

Test method

Examination guidelines and fees

*Certification fee will be paid if you pass the exam.


We recommend a pre-training session on the day you take the badge test.

In the preliminary training, we will walk around the actual course and learn about improvements and tips. Of course, it is also possible to take the test directly without taking the preliminary training.

[Advance training fee] 5,500 yen (about 1 hour)

*If you would like to rent a board, please contact us in advance.



SUP is not only a private activity, but is also becoming a wide-ranging sport in a natural environment.
In addition, the field is not limited to lakes, but can be used in a variety of ways, including the ocean and rivers.
As the field expands, the rules and manners also change, and you can't SUP freely anywhere. I think you can enjoy this sport safely by first reviewing the basic rules, manners, and usage methods.


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